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Yesterday morning I dropped off resumes at four elementary schools before work. At noon the front office called down to our room and told Mrs. Penderleith that there was a principal on the phone to talk about her intern. :) After they talked, I called the principal back and she scheduled an interview for 8 am this morning! I woke up early this morning, got dressed in my new suit and drove back to the school. I met with the principal and interviewed for an hour and a half! It was nerve wracking, but at the end of the interview, principal Alexander offerd me a position!

I HAVE A JOB!! I will be teaching kindergarten, first, or second grade at Normandy Village Elementary next year! Hopefully we'll determine what grade I'll be teaching early next week... but I'll be really happy in any of those three. Yay!

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I can't believe I have two short days left of internship! AHHH! It's finally sinking in. The last two days have been spent observing other grades, which has been lovely. I spent a lot of yesterday in kindergarten, which was a lot of fun. Today was spent in kindergarten, first grade, and second grade.

Tonight I printed out cover letters and resumes on pretty resume paper... tomorrow morning will be spent delivering a few of them in person to schools. What schools, you ask?

Whitehouse Elementary
Normandy Village Elementary
Chimney Lakes Elementary
Enterprise Learning Academy &
Timiquan Elementary

Obviously I will be late to my school in the morning... but that's okay. I'll also be leaving early... Tomorrow afternoon I was asked to speak to a class of Field 2 students at UNF about interning. That should be interesting.

Did I mention I bought my very first suit today?

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I just realized earlier that tomorrow is my last real teaching day at Thomas Jefferson! This whole time I thought I had six days left... but it hit me today that THIS IS IT.

This is next week's schedule...

Monday I'm observing a 2nd grade class for part of the day.

Tuesday I'm going to spend the whole day at Crystal Springs Elementary observing.

Wednesday I'll be back at Thomas Jefferson, but observing kindergarten and second grade the entire day.

Thursday I'll be leaving at 1 pm to go to UNF and speak to Field Two students about interning.

Friday is my LAST DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm excited but really sad at the same time. It would make things so much easier if I were getting hired on at the school. I could say, oh it's alright...I'll see everyone next year! but considering that they will be surplussing several of their current teachers, that's not happening.

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I can't believe I'm saying this, but I have seven days left as an intern! This crazy semester has gone by unbelievably fast. Yesterday my portfolio, PDP and last lesson observation was due. To complete the program, we are required to have 400 hours in the school and at least 200 of those hours have to be teaching hours. Well I have 500+ hours in the school, 300 of them are teaching hours. I've also completed all six of my formal lesson observations.

Do you know what that means? I am free, free, FREE! I can spend my last seven days enjoying the funny things my kids do and say. The only thing I need to worry about are my lesson plans for the next week, and that feels great. I'm also really excited to observe a few other grades... definitely kindergarten and second.

Now the next few weeks will be spent worrying about getting a job.

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Last night Brian and I were hanging out at the house talking about how at that very moment six months ago... we were dancing at our wedding! Last night also happened to be our four year dating anniversary!

School has been going well. The other night Brian was outside sweeping the garage when our next door neighbor comes over and asks to speak to me. We've never met our neighbors before, so we thought it was a little strange... then I come outside and she asks if I'm a teacher at Thomas Jefferson. I explain that I'm an intern.. and she says that her daughter is in second grade and knows all about me! We talked to her for probably an hour.. so we finally know a neighbor! Now her daughter comes and gives me hugs five times a day.

I made my first bulletin board on Thursday! Teachers have to change their outside bulletin board once a month, and administration comes around to check. Bulletin boards definitely aren't as cool as they used to be... now that everything is standards-based, when we make a bulletin board with student work, we have to include the standard that goes along with it, the standard in "kid language", the task, the rubric, and commentary. None the less, I had fun making mine. I decided to base it on the book, "Mr. Peabody's Apples". If you've ever read the book, than you understand the feathers. I got real feathers from Micheal's which I believe finishes it off nicely :)

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Girl's Day

Hazel and I headed to the fairgrounds today for the Pet Expo.

The Pet Expo is put on by the Jax Humane Society every year. A bunch of vendors (dog and cat rescue organizations, pet boutiques, agility and obedience clubs, ect.) all come out and set up tables. A ton of people come out with their dogs and it's a lot of fun. Brian had to work, and Zeke isn't a fan of big crowds... so we made it a girl's day. It was chilly today, which probably wasn't good for my everlasting cold, but it was fun. We met four new Bostons today, and saw a three-legged Boston!

Hazel got to wear her rhinestone skull T-shirt.
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This week has been crazy. I've been sick since Saturday and on Wednesday I woke up without much of a voice. It's been really fun trying to teach without being heard or understood. We had our V-Day party on Wednesday afternoon... the kids got to open up their bags full of valentines and eat cupcakes. Everyone was SO excited and it was fun to watch them.

One little girl sent candy-grams to everyone in the class (a fundraiser where you can buy a little card and lolly pop and have it sent to a friend) and she was the only person in the class who didn't get at least one :( Some kids got six or seven! So my directing teacher and I sent her one signed, 'Your secret admirer". She was SO excited to have a secret admirer! I got a bunch of Valentines, candy and even a chocolate fondue set from my kids!

Brian and I decided to keep our first Valentine's day as a married couple very laid back. We picked up Chinese food and rented The Devil Wears Prada. It was a good night, aside from being voiceless and surrounded by tissues. My directing teacher insisted that I stay home today and rest up. I've been sleeping and relaxing all day, which has been nice. I just hope I start feeling better, and get my voice back soon.

Anyway, thought I'd share some pictures from Wednesday.

Everyone's valentine bags hanging up in the front of our classroom.
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Treasure Box

In the two weeks that I've been in my classroom, it's become very apparent that my directing teacher's behavior system (pulling cards) is not effective. Since she told me that I should feel free to try whatever I'd like, I've decided to introduce a positive reinforcement system with the kids. When I see a student working quietly (well, not necessarily quietly, but "nicely") I will place a token on their desk. At the end of the day, they will be able to trade in their token for a prize out of my treasure box.

I'm hoping that this will give the kids some incentive to behave, instead of just punishing them after the fact. I plan to put things such as pencils, erasers, stickers, and toy cars into the box. I'm excited to try out my first ever "Treasure Box" and I'm really hoping that this improves my classroom management situation.

I don't think of myself as a very crafty person... so I'm pretty proud of my treasure box :)

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