Jamie (jamie_marie) wrote,

I probably have a lot to say, but I'm drawing a blank!

I'm in my second week of Stroller Strides. Today was the hardest class so far. I went to a location I've never been to ( Mount Trashmore ) and I felt like I had died and gone to boot camp. It is so hot today too. Stroller Strides is definitely doing it's job though... Despite a really healthy diet, I hadn't lost a single pound in over a month. Ten days after starting stroller strides, I've lost 4 lbs! My pre-pregnancy jeans are slowly beginning to fit, and I have 8 lbs of baby weight to lose. :)

Brina has duty today, so he won't be back until tomorrow morning. :(

My little monkey will be two months old on Saturday! Time is flying by way too fast. He's so smiley and cuddly... I love it! His 2 month check-up is this Tuesday. I'm still nursing on demand, and I've also been pumping and giving him extra breast milk to hopefully get his weight up. My goal is to feed him 5 extra ounces a day until our appointment, and see what happens. I'm crossing my fingers that he'll reach the 10 lb mark!

Daddy and Benjamin Button (Do you see his intense baldness??) poppin their collars. LOL
Ezra after Stroller Strides yesterday
An up-the-nose shot

In sad news, I lost my Maya wrap. I put it in the basket under my stroller when I went to the mall last week, and it must have fallen out! It wasn't cheap, so this makes me very sad. We have a Babyhawk, but Ezra doesn't seem to like it. I'm going to have to order a new one. Ugh. :(
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