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Brian and I made it safely to Virginia yesterday. The journey took about nine hours, which wasn't bad... I napped for at least two of them.

We woke up early this morning and began our house hunt. My dad contacted a realtor and got a list of places that met our requirements (ie: 2+ bedrooms, fenced yard, dog friendly, under $1200 a month, located in Virginia Beach or Chesapeake). We went down the entire list one by one, plugged each address into our GPS and went by. We didn't get to go inside any of them, we just peaked in a lot of windows. The search took NINE hours. Out of the 19 houses we looked at, we are interested in 4 of them. There's one in particular that we really like, and we have an appointment to see it tomorrow.
The houses up here are SO different than Florida houses... Every house we've looked at has been older and small. A lot of them don't have garages, and the ones that do are one-car.
Brian and I are spending New Years Eve watching Wife Swap in our hotel room. :) This is actually the first New Years Eve in six that we've spent together!

Happy New Year everyone!
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