The Birth of Ezra John

It's taken me 9 months, but I'm finally posting Ezra's birth story! This was actually written to Ezra, from my doula's point of view.

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I realize that this was practically a novel, so I would be surprised if anyone actually gets through it. It felt good though to get it all out. :)


I went to Cinema Cafe last night with three girlfriends from my mom's group. We saw Public Enemies. I've never been the type to really lust after Johnny Depp, but he was really, really sexy in this movie. I enjoyed it. A lot.

We went to Brian's work picnic this morning. Can it get any hotter outside? Probably.

Ezra has napped in his crib for the last three days, and has slept in his bassinet for the last three nights. He slept for 8 hours straight for the last two! When did he become so easy?

Brian has a four day weekend. We're going to Barnes and Noble tonight. I have a play date tomorrow. The rest of the weekend? Who knows. I'm going to church on Sunday. It's been quite a while since I've been to (Catholic) church. I stepped away for a long time but I'm feeling the need to reconnect.

I got Ezra's blood results back from Monday. His two liver enzymes that have been causing so much trouble? NOW COMPLETELY NORMAL!!! :D I was instructed to continue feeding him high-calorie formula for the next week and a half, then switch to the regular recipe. He's getting chunkier every day. :)

We ran to Target today and got Ezra a new bouncy chair! His other one (My Little Lamb) doesn't bounce... it just vibrates, which he hates. He likes this one and has been talking to the hanging animals. LOL

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After one long hour of waiting, Ezra came out of surgery. When we went to see him in the recovery room, he was bright red and hot to touch. Apparently one or more of the drugs he was given can have that effect. His resting heart rate was also in the low 200's...thankfully things went back to normal within half an hour.

He's been drowsy because of the anesthesia, but seems comfortable. He's even smiled at me a few times. :) If he does well, we'll hopefully be discharged tomorrow afternoon!

As far as the plan to get him gaining weight...I'm now supplementing with 2 oz of formula after every nursing session. We'll see what happens on the scale.

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I probably have a lot to say, but I'm drawing a blank!

I'm in my second week of Stroller Strides. Today was the hardest class so far. I went to a location I've never been to ( Mount Trashmore ) and I felt like I had died and gone to boot camp. It is so hot today too. Stroller Strides is definitely doing it's job though... Despite a really healthy diet, I hadn't lost a single pound in over a month. Ten days after starting stroller strides, I've lost 4 lbs! My pre-pregnancy jeans are slowly beginning to fit, and I have 8 lbs of baby weight to lose. :)

Brina has duty today, so he won't be back until tomorrow morning. :(

My little monkey will be two months old on Saturday! Time is flying by way too fast. He's so smiley and cuddly... I love it! His 2 month check-up is this Tuesday. I'm still nursing on demand, and I've also been pumping and giving him extra breast milk to hopefully get his weight up. My goal is to feed him 5 extra ounces a day until our appointment, and see what happens. I'm crossing my fingers that he'll reach the 10 lb mark!

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In sad news, I lost my Maya wrap. I put it in the basket under my stroller when I went to the mall last week, and it must have fallen out! It wasn't cheap, so this makes me very sad. We have a Babyhawk, but Ezra doesn't seem to like it. I'm going to have to order a new one. Ugh. :(

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I went to my first Stroller Strides class today!

We slept in later than I intended, so I had to rush around to get us both ready and feed the monkey-boy. Thankfully we arrived right on time. I was a little worried that Ezra would fuss the whole time, but he was surprisingly angelic. He was alert for about half the class and slept the other half.

There were four of us there today. The workout was tough! We would jog or briskly walk to different locations, then perform different exercises (squats, lunges, push-ups, crunches, etc.) with resistance bands. It definitely kicked my butt, which is a good thing. I think doing this 4 days a week or so will definitely help whip me into shape! It's also great to get out if the house, meet new people and get some fresh air for Ezra and I.

Today's class was held at Greenbrier Park. I think we may go back with Brian later on for a picnic.

Happy Memorial Day!!

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We went back to the pediatrician today. The good news is that Ezra has gained 6 ounces in the last couple of days... The boob juice is working!! His bili level hasn't gone down since Saturday though, so we'll figure out our plan of action when we go back tomorrow.

On the way home from his appointment we stopped and ate at Panera. I felt so guilty for having him out in public already, but everyone was STARVING! I kept him covered in his car seat though, and gave off a "Don't come near my baby with your germs!" vibe... so no one got close. :)

My dad left to go back to Florida today. I'm sad, but he'll be coming back up in a little less than three weeks to come get my mom.

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We've been home with Ezra for two days now.

Yesterday was his first well-visit with the pediatrician. They re-tested his bili level [for jaundice] and it was a little higher than they would like. So now we are treating him with bili-lights at home. Ezra lays on a soft plastic board it exposes his skin to fluorescent light, which should help. It's annoying though, because he has to be strapped to it almost 24 hours a day. A hose connects the bili-lights to a plugged in machine, so we don't have much mobility at the moment. A home health nurse came out yesterday and again today to check his level. It's improved since yesterday. She'll come out again tomorrow to take his blood again, and if there has been enough improvement, hopefully we'll be done with the bili-lights! He's been dubbed 'Glow Worm' and 'Mr. Glow'.

Breastfeeding is getting better. He's a very sleepy baby, so I have to wake him every time to feed. His latch is good though, once he gets started. My milk just came in yesterday, so I'm hoping that his weight stabilizes soon. It honestly feels as though I am nursing ALL DAY LONG. I make sure to feed him every two hours, for at least 30 minutes. By the time I wake him up, feed him, stop several times to wake him up, feed him, and burp him... it's almost time for our next feeding!

My parents are driving up tomorrow from Florida. I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!! My dad will be staying for a few days, but my mom will be staying for three weeks.

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